3D-Oxides SAS is a company based in St Genis Pouilly (France), incorporated in 2009, which provides complex multi-element oxide thin films and services in the field of oxide thin film deposition. The company was incorporated by several partners involved in two European Research projects founded within the FP6 program, namely the NUOTO and the 3D-DEMO projects.
3D-Oxides is specialized in oxide thin film deposition on various technological substrates with a technique related to the so-called CBE (Chemical Beam Epitaxy), also refered to as MOMBE (Metallorganic Molecular Beam Epitaxy). As most of our coatings are not epitaxial, we prefer the acronym CBD (Chemical Beam Deposition). Actually, CBD results from the merging of the most well known Chemical Vapour
Deposition (CVD) and Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) techniques. CBD is a vapour phase deposition technique operated under ultra-high vacuum conditions in which the film grows through the chemical decomposition reaction of precursor molecules at the substrate surface. Its specificity is that several elements are co-deposited from independent oriented beams of chemical precursors in a high vacuum environment (i.e without any gas phase reaction). The chemical reaction is usually triggered by the temperature of the heated substrate, but 3D-Oxides also uses beam irradiation facilities (with laser or electron beams) to assist the precursor decomposition during the film growth; this allows new configurations and functionnalities to achieve smart materials and innovative miniaturized architectures.
3D-Oxides presently uses as deposition equipments two Sybilla-150 machines from ABCD Technology, which benefit from the patented performant precursor effuser system allowing the co-deposition of 3 elements on 6 inch wafers. Two configurations are available on the same reactor, either very homogeneous thin film deposition or combinatorial deposition with very controlled composition gradients.  3D-Oxides methodology is particularly suitable to achieve disruptive oxide thin films both  in traditional markets such as semiconductors, microelectronics, etc...  and in emerging markets such as (bio)photonics, optronics, meta-materials, catalysis, fuel cells, just to mention a few ones.  All-in-one unique solution merging high flexibility for R&D and prototyping and fast upgrade to (mass) production provide a very efficient solution towards very high added value final products.

Staff & Epertise

The company is headed by Mr. Gilles Lindecker, its president, who has previously been the CERN strategic director for more than a decade. He is supported by a board of 14 founder associates, divided into two committees, a first board dedicated to the scientific activity and a second one specialized in the questions of marketing, finance, and ethics. 3D-Oxides scientific and technical staff is specialized in material science, vacuum technology and  thin film deposition techniques, and characterization techniques to investigate complex materials.